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New Hampshire Activities

New Hampshire fall color picture: The tremendous diversity of New Hampshire's landscapes makes it visually exciting and also provides a wide variety of activities, particularly for those who enjoy the outdoors.  The diversity of its terrain and climate give New Hampshire a unique character.  By most standards, the whole state is off the beaten track so surprises are what New Hampshire is full of and they make each day a wonderful  adventure.

New Hampshire is a seasonal state and each month has its attractions.  The best time for you to explore the Granite State depends on upon your tastes and interests.

Dartmouth College aerial view picture: Winter is glorious, filled with crystal cold days for skiing, ice skating, or snowshoeing across white meadows with clear views of mountains through leafless trees.  Night brings the stars to close you can spot constellations you never saw before.

Spring is good for country walks and hikes.  Sugar houses come briefly to life smelling of sweet maple syrup.  Spring wildflowers carpet the woodlands and the view of the mountains is softened by leaves the size of mouse ears.

Summer is full of festivals celebrating almost everything.  Days are long and not too hot to enjoy hiking along the Appalachian Trail, through the State Forest, countless bike trails wind their way along rushing streams, rural villages and picturesque farmland.  The many lake shores and mountain rooks offer ample swimming opportunities.  And golf, of course, near Lake Morey and Lake Fairlee for those avid enthusiasts.

Saint-Gaudens Historical Site picture: So plan your travel dates according to your own interests or better yet come often and enjoy the best of each season.

Tourists new to the area may want to include visits to:  Dartmouth College in nearby Hanover, Saint-Gaudens National Historical Site in Cornish, or the old ship building town of Portsmouth.  

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On the Connecticut River, near Dartmouth College,
Gateway to the White Mountains and Appalachian Trail

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White Goose Inn Bed and Breakfast - Orford, New Hampshire, NH - White Mountains - Appalachian Trail
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