White Goose Inn Bed and Breakfast - Orford, New Hampshire, NH - White Mountains - Appalachian Trail
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Valentine's Weekend

House front winter:
February 10 - 12, 2006 or February 17 - 19, 2006

Celebrate Valentine's Weekend in a lovely country inn located in one of New England's most beautiful winter wonderlands. Spend your days exploring the Upper Valley, Downhill Ski, enjoy the many well-groomed Cross-Country Ski Trails, Ice Skate, Showshoe, or bring your snowmobile and traverse the miles of maintained trails. Drive through the snow-covered countryside and visit the quaint New England towns, shop and enjoy the fine dining. Then, return to the inn and relax in its peaceful atmosphere and join us in the morning for a bountiful, sumptuous country breakfast.


Room for 2 nights.
Gourmet Breakfast each morning.
Dinner at the Inn Saturday evening.
Valentines Trivia and Wine Tasting.
Cost: $225, plus tax and SV. Double occupancy.

Rent the Entire Inn

Do you have an event and need a place to stay?
Rent the Entire Inn.


Two nights for $1,2000.00, plus tax and service fee.
From November 1 - May 1.
Eight rooms for up to 16 people.
Breakfast each morning.
Excludes Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years' holidays.

Floorcloth Workshop

Running Fox:

The White Goose Inn invites you to participate in our New England Floorcloth Workshop. Join us in recreating a historical New England Floorcloth with a modern twist.


All rates are quoted per person.

The workshop will include:

Lodging for three nights.
Gourmet breakfast each morning.
Welcome reception upon arrival.
Canvas and materials necessary to complete your floorcloth.
Guided instruction for three mornings and studio time to complete homework for the evening.

Fee: $400.00 per person

*Workshops are available upon request with a minimum of 2 people. There is some restriction during the summer months. *If you book a class for 3 people then the 4th person is free!

The Workshop

Come, get away to the simplicity of the New Hampshire countryside and spend a few days relaxing in our quintessentially New England Country Inn while creating your own one-of-a-kind piece of art. Experience the quiet elegance of country life in one of our ten spacious, well-appointed guest rooms that feature such amenities as queen-size beds, private baths and air-conditioning. Tucked cozily in among the rollng hills and scenic country roads you will be inspired by the lush green hills in the summer, the brilliant patchwork of color painting the hills in the fall, the crystalline beauty of the winter and the primeval hope of spring.

Diningroom: Each morning you will awaken to a sumptuous three-course breakfast, with entrees such as Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes or Creme Brulee French Toast, served to you in our lovely sun-filled dining room. After you've sated your appetites and are ready to tap into your creative juices the workshop will commence. Several floor cloth designs will be presented for your selection. Each design will offer a choice of color palates to personalize your project to your individual tastes.

Ivy: We will then walk you, step-by-step, through the process of transforming a blank 'canvas' into a usable work of art, made entirely by you. During each class, instruction on the techniques of sponging, stenciling and freehand painting will be given to enhance the beauty of your project. And, of course, there is plenty of opportunity to add your own personal touches to your floorcloth.

The afternoons belong to you! Morning classes and studio time will allow you to wander the shops of Hanover and Woodstock and enjoy the local restaurants. Explore the wooded trails, ski the slopes at the Dartmouth Skiway or take in a game of golf at your leisure.

Mountain view:

Upon the completion of the workshop you will have created a piece of history for your family and learned an old American tradition that you can pass on to future generations.

A Little History

Floorcloths originated in France in the early 1400's and reached their height of popularity in both England and the United States between 1700 and 1850.

Diamonds2: The first floorcloths appeared in predominantly geometric patterns imitating the marble or stone floors found in more fashionable wealthy homes. Later, free-hand painting and stenciling appeared on floorcloths.

Floorcloths were also known as 'crumb cloths' as they were used under dining room tables to collect crumbs. Floorcloths were both decorative and utilitarian in nature, both adorning a room and insulating the floor from drafts.

Landscape with barn: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Peter Faneuil are all known to have imported painted canvas floorcloths from England for their private residences and to adorn the White House. In the US floorcloths became so popular that advertisements for "painted carpeting" appeared in Boston newspspers in the early 1700's.

However, popularity waned with the advent of linoleum, a new durable and less expensive floor covering, and the traditional hand-painted floorcloth became obsolete.

Red Dragon: Today, there is a resurgence in interest in hand-made crafts. Traditional methods and materials are still being used but many artists are applying new patterns and designs that place the floorcloth as a focal point in the decoration of floors and walls.

Designs Available for Your Workshop.

The following floorcloth designs are available for your workshop selection.


I. Running Fox

Running Fox: Hand-painted fox using template with free-hand painted detailing with hand-painted check border.

II. Bunny

Bunny: Hand-painted bunny using template with free-hand painted detailing with hand-painted check border.

III. Rooster

French Rooster: Hand-painted rooster using template with hand-painted diamond background, solid border and stenciled fleur-de-lis.

*Note: Dog and Cat Silouettes are also available.

Garden Varieties

I. Ivy

Ivy: Sponged background with free-hand painted ribbon and two layer ivy stencil.

Country Quilts

I. Patchwork Quilt

Red Quilt Squares: Hand-painted solid squares with alternating stencilled pattern squares. Can be done in a single color on off-white background or on a colored background. A variety of stencil square patterns to choose from.

II. Cabin Quilt

House quilt: Two-layer cabin stencil in five colors with a hand-painted solid border.


I. Lonestar

Texas Star: Hand-painted dual colored square motif background with central star motif painted using a template and solid border with corner star motifs. More advanced design.

Please check back again for more designs!




On the Connecticut River, near Dartmouth College,
Gateway to the White Mountains and Appalachian Trail

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White Goose Inn Bed and Breakfast - Orford, New Hampshire, NH - White Mountains - Appalachian Trail
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